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2024 Spot Goods

Dear customer, we are honored that you can click on the chemical and pharmaceutical products released by our Haite! You can go to our website to learn more about our company’s products. (www.hait-pharm.com) We mainly focus on pharmaceutical intermediate raw materials and various caffeine series. Our Hait company is based on R&D, production and sales, and has always been at the forefront of China’s domestic chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Haite hereby declares: (Same quality, same content in China) Haite has the strength and dares to keep the price at the lowest, and welcomes your customers to compare products. All the products of our company are sold at the lowest price in China. Buy 25kg and get 1kg free with no upper limit.

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Tele: +86 13026162252

Email: coco@hait-pharm.com

Company Website:www.hait-pharm.com


Density: 0.8±0.1 g/cm3

Flash Point: 2.8±0.0 °C

Exact Mass: 71.073502

PSA: 12.03000

LogP: 0.37

Vapour density: 2.45 (vs air)

Vapour Pressure: 58.6±0.2 mmHg at 25°C

Index of Refraction: 1.428

Stability: Stable; flammable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents.

Use:Used for the preparation of fungicides, insecticides, organic synthesis, special organic solvents, etc.

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